Stoneway N Town Homes

This project consists of six townhouses inside of two identical buildings, mirrored on a central axis. Four of the townhomes are street facing. Entry access to the successive townhomes is achieved through one centrally located path. This pathway ends at a large common amenity space at the rear of the site. Parking for the townhomes is accessed via two driveways at the north and south property lines so as to maintain a quiet, pedestrian friendly sense of community in the center of the site.

  • Neighborhood: Evergreen
  • Lot Size: 10,204 sf
  • Zoning: LR2
  • Unit Type: Townhomes
  • Unit Count: 12
  • Square Footage: 13,508 sf
  • Typical Unit Size: 1,092-1,177 sf
  • Site Character: Mid-block urban infill on flat lot
  • Project Status: Completed 2021