14th & Spring

Located at the southern edge of the bustling Pike/Pine corridor and the northern edge of the Squire Park neighborhood, this half-block of twenty-six townhomes aims to achieve balance between traditional detailing and modern form. Taking cues from the tradition of craftsman single family homes that have defined the neighborhood for the last century, this project incorporates cornices, lap siding, and window trim, while providing modern elements such as floor-to-ceiling glass and open roof decks. All units will have access to a private back yard or large common amenity area, ensuring dedicated ground level outdoor space and opportunities for interaction among all residents.

  • Neighborhood:

    Capitol Hill

  • Lot Size:

    23,041 sf

  • Zoning:


  • Unit Type:


  • Unit Count:


  • Square Footage:

    33,116 sf

  • Typical Unit Size:

    1200 sf

  • Site Character:

    1/2 Block Urban Infill

  • Project Status: