H4H Burien

In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, this project includes an affordable housing development at 511 and 515 South 136th St., in the Burien, Washington neighborhood. The program includes 40 affordable townhouse units (typically 3 bedroom 1 ½ bath) inside of 9 structures and 43 onsite parking spaces. Two units will be accessible and include access ramps and parking. Each unit will have a designated outdoor area in either the front or back of the unit (or both) for use by the residents. There will also be a community center and open space. The homes will be provided in a mix of 2-level townhomes and 3-level multi-family structures that will be clustered around the community center. The site contains a stream and two wetland areas that are being protected and were highly considered in the design process. Along with many other attributes, the project provides a fully accessible path along the entire development and airport-noise cancellation design requirements.

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Habitat for Humanity Affordable Housing Demonstration

  • Neighborhood:


  • Lot Size:

    3.43 acres

  • Zoning:


  • Unit Type:


  • Unit Count:


  • Typical Unit Size:

    1100 sf

  • Site Character:

    Wetland Area

  • Project Status:

    In Permitting