22nd Ave Apartments

Located in the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood, the 22nd Ave E building stands out as an example of modern urban living. The project contains 43 small efficiency dwelling units (SEDUs), each carefully designed to provide comfortable yet efficient housing.

The building’s location is one of its main advantages, as it is surrounded by a mix of multi-family apartment buildings, commercial businesses, and single-family homes, creating a diverse and lively community. The organizing principle of this 5-story project was the courtyard-centric building, a concept that presented unique challenges due to the site’s location in a low-rise zone but resulted in a cohesive connection to the outdoors. Challenging constraints around façade length and setbacks necessitated innovative design solutions to create a central courtyard space without encroaching on the setback boundaries.

The courtyard offers a sense of discovery as only a portion of the playful light red walls are visible from the street view. This move creates a dramatic sense of “compression and release” as one moves into the courtyard. A whimsical window pattern was proposed to complement the vibrant color scheme and the communal hub features ample seating and a feature tree. The courtyard seamlessly extends to a generous side porch, serving as a welcoming threshold that connects residents with the street realm and passersby.

The indoor-outdoor connection continued as a theme in this project as balconies offered more opportunities for residents to enjoy outdoor space. This thoughtful design ensures that residents remain connected to the vibrant neighborhood life.

  • Neighborhood:

    Capitol Hil

  • Lot Size:

    800 SF

  • Zoning:

    LR- 3

  • Unit Type:


  • Unit Count:


  • Overlay:

    Urban Village