Yale Studios

Located near the heart of the city in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood, this high density apartment project holds 27 elongated units that step down a mid-block lot to revel five livable levels facing Lake Union beyond.  The project also steps in plan on the street facade to preserve an exceptional Fir tree that measure 50″ round grade level.  Each unit is a studio apartment with either view street or lake views and high panoramic windows over the an efficient kitchenette to balance the light and add openness to a compact living room.  All units share access to a roof deck with one of the best views in the city with Queen Anne Hill in the distance and the always active Lake Union in the foreground.

  • Neighborhood: Eastlake
  • Lot Size: 4,400 sf
  • Zoning: LR3
  • Unit Type: Apartment
  • Unit Count: 27
  • Square Footage: 11,140 sf
  • Typical Unit Size: 167-185 sf
  • Site Character: Modeate slope overlooking Lake Union
  • Project Status: Completed - 2018