Vega Apartments

Vega is a micro-unit apartment building located in the heart of the West Seattle Junction neighborhood. This 5-over-1 building takes full advantage of its mid-block parcel, with exceptional views of Puget Sound to the west and downtown Seattle to the east. A concrete and glass base supports 5 floors of apartments above, whose east and west “view ends” have been shaped to accommodate existing and future significant trees. Vega shares an active alley with businesses that front California Avenue and enhances this edge with a secondary building entrance, outdoor seating, and an adjacent bicycle amenity room.  A semi-public pathway along the structure’s southern edge borders a steel bioretention planter that accommodates all of the roof downspouts.

  • Neighborhood:

    West Seattle Junction

  • Lot Size:

    5,850 sf

  • Zoning:


  • Unit Type:


  • Unit Count:


  • Square Footage:

    26,000 sf

  • Site Character:

    Flat, mid-block, urban infill, alley access