NE 69th Homes

With close proximity to the Roosevelt Light Rail station, this project is the first on its block to be developed as part of the need for density close to major transit hubs. This project features two (2) single family homes at the front, separated by a driveway to a shared auto court, and three (3) townhomes at the rear.
The design was inspired by the traditional residential forms adjacent to the project site, with high quality materials such as brick and gabled roof forms at the single family units. As part of a traditional residential typology, the “chimney” is expressed as a vertical element that runs the height of the two single family residences with integrated glazing that relates to the interior program. These design moves bring a modern approach to the traditional residential typology with a twist on materials and set the precedent for future development on the block.
  • Neighborhood:


  • Unit Type:

    Single Family Residences + Townhomes

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  • Project Status:

    In Construction