Montlake Cut Residence

The Montlake Cut Residence was constructed atop the existing foundation of a previous home and sits tall above an iconic Seattle waterway.  Shielded from the busy Montlake Boulevard by a dense canopy of evergreen, the home has a near private view of the Cut and it’s endless variety of passing watercraft.  Large amounts of glass and a covered deck space were located to the north and gently cantilevered to accentuate the power of the steep, steady embankment below.

  • Neighborhood: Montlake
  • Lot Size: 4,500
  • Zoning: SF5000
  • Unit Type: SFR
  • Unit Count: 1
  • Square Footage: 1,700 sf
  • Site Character: Steep Slope
  • Project Status: Completed 2017