East Howell Townhomes

Five townhouses sit on this mid-block parcel in the Capitol Hill neighborhood at the transition between low rise and neighborhood commercial zoning.  In plan, the stairs are located along the street edge of the building.  To reduce the potential height of the building and preserve views an exterior stair is used to access the roof deck.  The angled wall at the third floor is a subtle expression of the stair beyond.  Large floor-to-ceiling windows create transparency at the building edges and the varying window heights due to the stair placement creates visual interest at the streetscape.

  • Neighborhood:

    Capitol Hill

  • Lot Size:

    4,304 sf

  • Zoning:


  • Unit Type:


  • Unit Count:


  • Square Footage:

    6,908 sf

  • Typical Unit Size:

    1,110 sf

  • Site Character:

    Urban Center, Station Area Overlay, Mid-Block, Infill Parcel

  • Project Status: