30th Ave SFRs

This project contains two neighboring single-family homes stand in the heart of Madrona, each a testament to thoughtful architectural design and meticulous construction. These homes, although distinct in their site condition, complement each other in scale, proportion, and material.

The North single family is located on a bright corner lot, while the South single family is nestled within a mid block lot. Each structure incorporates an Attached Accessory Dwelling Unit (AADU) on the ground level, open living spaces that contains living dining kitchen on the second floor with indoor outdoor living executed in the flow of space, and three bedrooms on the top floor, creating over 3500 square feet of habitable space.

One of the most notable features of these homes is their respect for the natural environment. This required thoughtful site planning, particularly given the nearly 30-foot grade change from the sidewalk to the backyard and the exceptional tree in the right of way between the two lots. These homes are careful designed to fit into the nature topography of the site and fit right into the adjacent neighborhood.

  • Neighborhood:


  • Lot Size:

    4400.50 sf - 4401.40 sf

  • Zoning:

    SF 5000

  • Unit Type:


  • Square Footage:

    4027 sf - 4268 sf