17th Ave S

This narrow lot in the Squire Park residential area proposes six townhome units with four stories over garages. Situated just east of first hill and downtown the tall project maximizes the development potential of the site by using the height allowance from the zoning.  Exceptional views of the city and surrounding nature are captured from a fifth story bonus room.

The team used the zoning and building code to inform the project design from the start. Overall site strategy was developed to avoid design review by providing common amenity. The massing and roof forms were designed to highlight the western views while also providing a familiar residential look in this neighborhood.

  • Neighborhood:

    Central District

  • Lot Size:


  • Zoning:

    NC2-55 (M)

  • Unit Type:


  • Unit Count:


  • Square Footage:

    6036 sf

  • Typical Unit Size:

    1393 sf

  • Strategic Land Use Planning:

    United States