track 66

The block of NE 66th Street between Roosevelt Ave NE to the east and 8th Ave NE to the west is in a state of hyper transition. Several large 6-story apartment buildings have been built or are under construction, all anxious for the new light rail station 2 blocks away to open. track 66 is located on 2 mid-block parcels with different zoning designations.  The simple 7-floor massing strategy allows street-facing units to get larger as you move up the building. The Juliet balconies provide overhead weather protection for the units below.  The largest floor plate caps the building where a rooftop deck faces south and west, providing an expansive penthouse party room.

  • Neighborhood:


  • Lot Size:

    7,725 sf

  • Zoning:

    MR, NC3P-85

  • Unit Type:

    SEDUs + Live Work Units

  • Unit Count:


  • Square Footage:

    25,371 sf

  • Site Character:

    Mid-block, sloping

  • Project Status: